Samuel Jaye Tanner is a thirty-five year old person.

He is also a bunch of other things. Sam is an education professor, an aspiring author, a father of two boys, and, as this website suggests, an amateur philosopher. Like the character in his first book, Shot Across the River Styx (who should not be confused for somebody who played point guard for the Lakers in the eighties - see book for details), he is mostly trying to learn how to travel through enormous, complicated universes.

This website is a working draft. It shares some of the words he has conjured. This is one way he has found to connect with people who are also learning how to travel through other enormous, complicated universes.

He was born in the Twin Cities and currently lives in State College, PA. Sam spends any free time he can muster playing video games. He also tries to make the best of things.

So there is that.