Samuel J. Tanner 2 minute read


I'm not posting a blog.

I'm traveling in Minnesota, and the trip continues into next week. Still, I have an OCD compulsion to put something online. My blog is weekly, baby. Consider this short post filler.

I'm sure I'll write about my trip to Minnesota when I return to Pennsylvania. The trip has been a whirlwind. We're trying to see too many people, driving from one place to the next, and attempting to keep our two toddlers peaceful. The trip has been so hectic that I forgot to blog. For shame. So, instead of a blog this week, I'm going to write a couple of haikus. Poetry for peace, baby. Disclaimer: My blogging portal won't allow me to format the haikus with line breaks, the little poems will be single sentences. Don't worry, the syllable structure works. Here goes:

Drove through the rust belt / Toddlers like to scream and cry / Minnesota? Nice.

Or how about this?

Epileptic cat / Stay home and poop on the floor / I hope you survive.

Okay, one more. Remember, this is filler.

Bartolo Colon / Fat, aging starting pitcher / The Twins are desperate.

That's all I got this week, folks. I might have a blog about my summer vacation next week. I also might write more haikus. Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion to this blog full of filler. One more haiku for good measure:

Crowded internet / Silly content everywhere / This post is stupid